Scott J. Kay -- Callsign: MARKER

Species: Folf

Date of Birth: August 21st, 1991

Age: 23

Occupation: Freedom PMC / Bartender 



Scott is 5 feet, 11 inches tall, and weighs 148 pounds.

His fur is a nice sandy brown, with a dirty white down his muzzle, neck, chest, stomach, groin, and the bottom of his tail.

He has a slim, but athletic build. His typical combat clothing is as pictured. His casual clothing is normally nothing more complicated than a dark t-shirt and monotone pants, and boots or shoes as required. He has a tattoo of The radiation symbol on his left upper arm, and the Freedom boar below that. Various small scars mark underneath his fur, but a large, jagged slash diagonal on his stomach stands out, with no fur above it.



When in a combat zone, his loadout includes an AK47, with a laser, bipod, and ACOG sight. He also carries several knives on himself at all times, and an HK USP Compact as a sidearm. His typical job isn't to face the brunt of the action, instead he'll tend to hang back a ways, providing support as needed. This has gotten him in trouble once before, when kidnapped by a band of thugs who wanted nothing more than to make him their little slave.. Needless to say, he was rescued, but only after about a month in captivity. 


When he's somewhere he considers safe, he'll still carry his USP-C and a fixed blade knife, both of which are strapped into a holster under his left arm beneath a jacket.

Please note that this isn't just an action profile! I will use it for any roles, and adapt as needed. Scott is my preffered character. :)