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The Zone of Alienation, or simply "The Zone," is the 60 km wide area of exclusion that was set up around theChernobyl NPP following the 1986 disaster and perverted by the second Chernobyl disaster in 2006.


The Zone of Alienation stretches between the borders of Ukraine and Belarus, and is kept protected by the Ukrainian authorities. Due to the radical decrease in human presence and activity, wildlife has flourished in the Zone and the area is often described as having been "reclaimed by nature". Following the 2006 disaster, animals and plants have been grotesquely mutated and deadly anomalies abound. Wildlife roams freely in the remains of the former USSR.



Supposedly, the area is kept under lockdown by the military. However, the prospect of lucrative looting and treasure hunting has led a large number of opportunists known as Stalkers to jump fence into The Zone itself. These people are either operating for themselves, or in factions. Among the more notable groups are Duty, Freedom and the Ecologists.


Research is constantly ongoing to find out the nature and origin of The Zone, as well as a means to counter it. There are many different beliefs concerning the truth of, and reasonable response to, The Zone. For example, Duty members are attempting to "fight the Zone" while Freedom believes that the entire area is a gift to mankind and should be shared equally by all of humanity. During the course of multiple years, some people have expressed concern that the Zone may be growing and increasing its influence on the world.